About Freight Masters

Company History

Independent Freightlines was originally started in the 1930s and owned by the Atkins Family. In later years it passed through other hands and finally to our Director, Martin Taituma in 2008. Since then Independent Freightlines has increased its revenue by 75% the point at which we are happy with, making the company profitable but not too much to handle.
Our Owner/Director Martin Taituma began his career in the freight industry in the 1980's During the course of his career Martin has played many roles and worked for leading freight companies such as Toll. As we've grown we've developed a reputation as a freight distributor, who is team and customer focused leading us to pick up a lot of new business by word of mouth.
In  2020 the compny was sold and was renamed Freight Masters

Company Philosophy

The key to our success is understanding that both staff and customers are our most valuable asset which makes for a healthy team atmosphere. Team members go the extra mile and our customers stay loyal because they are treated with respect.
At Freight Masters we go out of our way to ensure freight is handled with efficiency and great care. We work with a specialized smaller company, carefully selected to act as our Freight Handler in Hamilton. Throughout the freight chain of supply, we have long-term contacts within the industry that allow us to deliver all types of freight from large orders to goods quickly, carefully and efficiently, at price competitive rates.

Company Benefits

Another factor in our success is our central Location and we also service Mount Ruapehu. Our yard and storage space allows us to hold freight safely when roads are closed in the Central Plateau allowing us to deliver as soon as the roads reopen, whereas other companies can't do this because of a lack of logistical support.
The bottom line is this says Freight Masters, 'It's all about building relationships, being honest with people and keeping close to customers so they always know what's going on. Being a smaller company allows us to provide a more personal service that may be lost in the machinery of larger companies.